Solomons is located at the southern tip of Calvert County and includes Solomons Island and mainland on the north side of the mouth of Patuxent River, where it meets the Chesapeake Bay.

Originally called Bourne's Island (1680), then Somervell's Island (1740), Solomons takes its name from 19th century Baltimore businessman Isaac Solomon, who established a cannery there shortly after the Civil War. Solomon's home still stands on the front of the island. The area has been inhabited since colonial times.

The town now welcomes tourists with numerous marinas, seafood restaurants, gift shops, a boardwalk, a sculpture garden, the Calvert Marine Museum where visitors can climb atop a former lighthouse, board harbor cruises, and hear occasional outdoor concerts by famous performers. The Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center in Solomons is a Smithsonian-affiliated forested sculpture park.

Solomons Island is known for its charming Riverwalk, which gives visitors spectacular views of the Patuxent River, as well its lighthouses and a long list of colorful establishments, from fine restaurants to charming gift shops, as well as regular concerts and events.

Real Estate in Solomons
If you are interested in the Chesapeake Bay commercial real estate market, Solomons Island is a good place to start your search. Solomons Island real estate includes retail space for small stores and cafés, perfect for people who wish to establish their own business and be a part of this town’s landscape.

Those who are attracted to Solomons Island’s waterfront charm can also find a home of their own here. The Solomons Island real estate market also features homes located within walking distance of the town’s best attractions. Properties located near fishing piers and boating piers are a dream-come-true for those who relish activities like fishing, sailing, yachting, and swimming.

Whether you’re a business owner or a visitor who wants to have a permanent holiday sanctuary, investing in Solomons Island real estate makes it easier for you to enjoy life here to the full.