Crofton/ Odenton

Crofton / Odenton

Crofton, named one of the “100 Best Places to Live” by Money Magazine in 2007 & 2011 is eight miles west of Annapolis and eight miles south of the Baltimore Washington International Airport. There is also proximity to the National Security Agency Headquarters. The town is bounded by Maryland Route 3 to the northwest, Maryland Route 424 to the northeast, and Maryland Route 450 to the south, with easy connections to Maryland Route 97, and U.S. Routes 95 and 50 make this town a commuter’s dream. The Patuxent and Little Patuxent Rivers run through the area.

Originally called “Ridge Road”, Maryland Route 424 is the first true road in the Crofton area. It got its name because the road followed the ridge that separated the South River and the Patuxent River, and connecting with the Londontown route, modern day Edgewater, Maryland, to the south. Defense Highway also known as Route 450, named from the link it serves between the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland with Washington, D.C.

When golf course living is your ideal, you’ll find a fantastic spot in Crofton, Maryland. Choose between the Crofton Country Club or the Walden Country Club to enjoy a round or three of play or find your dream home along the one of the immaculately kept holes.

The town of Odenton, a neighboring city, nicknamed "The Town a Railroad Built" formed in 1868 with the construction of the Baltimore Potomac Railroad which connected Baltimore, Maryland to Washington, D.C. The rail junction (today’s MARC station) at Odenton Road, became the site of Odenton’s first commercial center. Today, Odenton is still a railroad town serving commuters and other local travelers.